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The Spacestation

From the creative mind of Shonduras and his ride or die business partner Holladay, the Spacestation is a collection of companies powered by creativity and drive and led by a team of masterminds.

Spacestation Gaming

The premier self-funded esports organization. Our team is ranked top three in the world in Rocket League and recently won the World Championships for Rainbow 6. With over 60 players and coaches, SSG is a big player the esports scene.

Spacestation Integrations

World-class influencer marketing agency known for genuine relationships with well known creators and top brands. Spacestation Integrations empowers hundreds of creators to live their dreams and helps brands tell their stories.


With over 100 million monthly views and 2 billion total views, the Best Day Ever channel shares positive messages filmed and produced by the Spacestation’s founder and professional fun haver, Shonduras.

A for Adley

Adley and family share fun videos with over 3 Billion kids and families around the world, she often sits as a top 50 youtube channel in the country!

Adley and family are continually providing value for their growing community through free apps/games, Adley products/merch at cost, and consistent entertainment on AforAdley YouTube!

Remarketing Space

Advertising technology platform bridging the gap between influencer marketing and paid media advertising. Marketers can now work with creator audiences for a complete advertising toolkit.

Spacestation Investments

The Spacestation is an incubator for opportunity, and we feel strongly about building community first! Through the combined genius of our creators, gamers, builders and brand developers, we’ve found a strategy that works.

The Founders

Shaun McBride (aka Shonduras) is a former Forbes 30 under 30 honoree who took his fame on Snapchat and turned it into a series of companies launched from The Spacestation.  In 2015 Shaun built the breakout YouTube channel “Best Day Ever”. As that channel started taking off, Shonduras saw the opportunity to build something bigger than himself. Enter his friend Sean Holladay (aka Holladay) at the beginning of 2017. The combination of Holladay’s business savvy and Shonduras’ creative genius enabled the partners to build Spacestation Integrations and Spacestation Gaming. Both of these companies are rocket ships in their own markets and the Spacestation now employs teams focused on each company.

Since 2018 the duo launched a new YouTube channel, A for Adley, starring Shonduras’ 4-year-old daughter. With over 1.7 millions subscribers and nearly 1.5 billion views, it’s obvious that creativity runs in the family. And if all of this wasn’t enough, the founders invested in and help run Vidsummit, a top video creator conference. 

The Spacestation is an incredible place to work and Utah is an ideal place to live (sorry for the disappointment, this Spacestation is not orbiting the earth…yet). Shonduras and Holladay are pumped about the progress but admit, “we’re just getting started!”

Our Investments

We don't just build, we invest. And we don't just invest, we participate. Our investments are focused on adding value with our powerful group of influencers. In some cases, our influencers invest alongside the Spacestation.

Peter McKinnon X Nomatic

Nomatic creates the most functional, minimalist products including travel bags and backpacks. In partnership with Spacestation Integrations, Nomatic launched the remarkable Peter McKinnon backpack with a record-setting $2.3M Kickstarter launch.

We're not an investment fund, but the one thing we do have is influence...
and a little cash.


The Spacestation is an owner of the annual conference Vidsummit where the world’s top video influencers, video marketers and brands reveal everything they know about turning videos into sales.

Magic Spoon

The world’s first low-carb, high-protein breakfast cereal. Magic Spoon was recently listed by Time Magazine as one of the top 100 inventions fo 2019! As an investor and partner, the Spacestation Integrations team brings influencer marketing expertise to this rocket ship company.

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